GCSE Materials

New Chinese GCSE Exam Board Presentations

The GCSE Day was held at the IOE Confucius Institute in January 2019. AQA and Edexcel , who both led sessions at the event, have provided us with the materials from that day, which can be found below.


Notes and guidance: Conduct of the speaking test – webinar

GCSE Chinese (Spoken Mandarin) 

The below resources are replica AQA SAMs that have been created to enable students to gain a better understanding of the format of the AQA paper. Please note that these are in no way AQA products.

GCSE Chinese Reading Foundation Question Paper

GCSE Chinese Reading Higher Question Paper

GCSE Chinese Writing Foundation Question Paper

GCSE Chinese Writing Higher Question Paper

These were written and kindly shared by: James Stagg and Linying Liu (Mandarin Consultants at Harris Federation) and Swire Chinese Language Centre London (supported by SWIRE Chinese Language Foundation).


Chinese GCSE 9 – 1: Teaching and Learning Strategies for Reading and Writing


Created for teachers by teachers


Newton Leng has kindly shared the voice recordings of him saying all of the AQA GCSE vocabulary out loud. You can listen on Soundcloud here.

Jenny Chen, now Head of Chinese at Bede’s Senior School, has created this bank of questions as final revision for Year 11 students. The question are divided in to the 3 themes under the AQA GCSE spec, however the resource could also be adapted to suit the Edexcel headings.

Jenny Chen, whilst Head of Oriental Studies at Queen Margaret’s school, created a quizlet of GCSE core vocabulary. Jenny has very kindly shared it with us in the hope that other teachers can use it to prepare their students for the GCSE Listening and Reading Paper.

If you are using Edexcel GCSE 9-1 Chinese textbook but your students are doing or opting for AQA GCSE Chinese, you might find the below GCSE Theme Finder useful. The AQA GCSE themes and topics are matched with the 8 units in the Edexcel textbook and the Dragons AQA book units, allowing you to use the two textbooks concurrently. This resource was kindly put together and shared by Ting Hou-Gregson:



Newton Leng has also kindly shared the voice recordings of him saying all of the Edexcel vocabulary out loud. You can listen on Soundcloud here.

Mary Wood, Head of MFL at St Bartholomew’s School, has created the above courses on Memrise.


AQA and Edexcel

  • Click here to review the comparison of the AQA GCSE Chinese and Edexcel GCSE Chinese written by the UCL IOE Chinese Networks team.



  • Elliot Hsiao-Williams, Head of Teaching at Dragons Chinese Teaching Specialists, has kindly created flashcards for the AQA GCSE spec (based on all 19 units of the two GCSE textbooks) and for the Edexcel IGCSE (based on the 5 topic areas). The resources can be found here: https://quizlet.com/DragonsTeaching

Conference Materials

Listed below are links to useful materials from our previous Annual Chinese Conferences which relate to GCSE level study of Mandarin organised by year.






All workshop materials from our Conferences (2015 onward) which cover a wide range of topics can also be found here.