GCSE Materials


AQA and Edexcel

Click here to review the comparison of the AQA GCSE Chinese and Edexcel GCSE Chinese written by the UCL IOE Chinese Networks team.

Conference Materials

Listed below are links to useful materials from our previous Annual Chinese Conferences which relate to GCSE level study of Mandarin organised by year.






All workshop materials from our Conferences (2015 onward) which cover a wide range of topics can also be found here.

Other Materials

Jenny Chen, Head of Oriental Studies at Queen Margaret’s school, has created a quizlet of GCSE core vocabulary. Jenny has very kindly shared it with us in the hope that other teachers can use it to prepare their students for the GCSE Listening and Reading Paper.

Mary Wood, Head of MFL at St Bartholomew’s School, has created the following courses on memrise: