Intensive Learning


Students from Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre take part in a “Talking Treasure Hunt” as part of the 2017 Year 7 Intensive Learning Day.

Each year, students take part in a period of intensive language learning, which contributes towards the average of 8 hours per week of language learning. Additional funding is available to help schools support this intensive element of the programme.

Year 7

Students in Year 7 will take part in intensive activities delivered locally by either your school or hub school, with a focus on language learning.

Year 8

In the summer of 2018 and 2019 Year 8 students participating in the Mandarin Excellence Programme will take part in two-weeks of Intensive Learning in China. The intensive learning programme will allow students to study, experience China and practise their acquired language skills.

In 2018 the course took place between Saturday 30th June and Saturday 14th July in either Beijing, Chengdu or Shanghai. The dates for the 2019 course are still to be confirmed, but it is expected it will run during the start of July.

The intensive learning in China is heavily subsidised by Hanban, meaning the majority of the costs of taking part in the study visits will already be covered. The cost of the airfare will be subsidised (£350 per student) by the programme. The remaining costs will need to be covered your schools Mandarin Excellence Programme core budget, by parents or guardians, or through other fundraising means.

For further details on this part of the programme please see the following documents:

Year 9

In summer 2019 students in Year 9 will have the opportunity to take part in a residential intensive learning course running from Monday 24th June to Thursday 27th June, at a University campus in the UK.