MEP Summer Showcase 2020

Students on the Mandarin Excellence Programme (11-15 years old) all begin in Year 7 and study Mandarin for 8 hours per week (4 taught hours and 4 hours of self-study). In 2020, with exams cancelled and schools closed, these students across England were asked to create two projects of their choice to demonstrate their Mandarin speaking and writing skills – and to bring their own individuality to their learning. You can read more about the aims of the MEP Summer Showcase in our blog post here.






Below are some highlights from each year group. Be sure to browse the wonderful speaking projects in each of the video playlists! To view the writing work, click once to browse in “slideshow” mode. You will then be able to click “view full size” in the bottom right corner.

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Full Writing Showcase
Full Speaking Showcase



Year 7: Writing Highlights


Year 8: Speaking Highlights

Year 8: Writing Highlights


Year 9: Speaking Highlights


Year 9: Writing Highlights




Year 10 Highlights