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  • Performance - The Bridge of Magpies 鹊桥

    Dear colleagues,I learned about a performance that I thought some of you might beinterested - “The Bridge of Magpies” at The Place (neatest undergrounstation: Euston / King’s Cross) […]

  • Re: Chinese Poems for Students of Chinese

    Dear Lianyi,Many thanks for your kind words. Yes, there is indeed an error whichhas crept into the Li Bai poem. This will be corrected immediately. Wewill be glad to hear any other comments you wish […]

  • Re: Chinese Poems for Students of Chinese

    Dear Publisher, editor(s) and author of Chinese Poems for Students ofChinese,This is indeed very good series for students of Chinese.I also like the design, which I find user friendly.Just to let you […]