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  • IB New Syllabus 2020

    Dear all,If you are looking for teaching and learning material for the IB New Syllabus, please check out iChinese Vol 3 which is specially designed for the new syllabus and has Listening component […]

  • Re: UK Schools offer CLIL Chinese lessons

    Hi Ting,Thank you for your reply. The thing is I am working at Bohunt. lolBest Regards,JiaOn Fri, 22 Jun 2018 at 15:16, Ting Hou <sissi.hou@gmail.com> wrote:> Dear Jia,>> Bohunt School […]

  • Re: UK Schools offer CLIL Chinese lessons

    Dear Jia,Bohunt School Liphook offers CLIL Chinese course and it is the first stateschool offering it in the U.K. Their school website iswww.bohunt.hants.sch.uk. You can find relevant information on […]

  • UK Schools offer CLIL Chinese lessons

    Dear All,Sorry for sending the whole group email out but I am writing a paper regarding CLIL Mandarin teaching in the UK. ( This paper will present at a conference in July)Please could you let me […]

  • Re: Google docs - pinyin

    Type / paste Chinese characters in google translate, it will generate Pinyin with tones underneath for you.Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhoneOn Thursday, June 21, 2018, 9:51 am, Alexander Ferraby […]

  • IOE conference

    Dear colleagues,I have some thoughts these days after IOE conference on 16th June 2018, and would like to tell my thoughts:It was my second time to come for the IOE conference (I am a NQT, and have […]

  • Mandarin Club Runner in East Sussex

    Dear colleagues,In East Sussex, or more specifically, Eastbourne, where I work, we have an established MFL hub for surrounding schools to share and update practice. From recent meetings, it’s […]

  • Re: Google docs - pinyin

    Hi AlexOnce you have chosen File --- Language - 中文 (中国)- choose 拼 拼音 to be readyto type Chinese using Pinyin, you can choose […]

  • Google docs - pinyin

    Anyone have any tips typing Chinese in Google docs?Specifically, how does one add pinyin superscript after typing characters?Also, how can one get more/better fonts?Thank you - Alex: […]

  • Thank you and a special offer for you - Innovative Chinese Character Cards

    Dear colleagues and teachers,Thank you for those who attended the UCL annual Chinese conference andbought our cards :). For those who didn’t attend the conference, we are nowextending part of […]

  • A Video Interaction Workshop Materials

    Dear all,Thank you for the great participation in this workshop last Friday. Your kind feedback and collaboration ideas are very much appreciated.Here I’ve attached 2 sample videos with […]

  • Pupil premium students

    Dear colleagues,I have been recently asked to purchase some additional resources for the PP students to prepare their GCSE. It’s not necessary to be a textbook – it could be wider […]

  • GCSE Opinion Writing Workshop

    Dear all,Thank you for coming to my workshop last Friday and for your kind words. Iam glad that you found it useful.Please see the attached PPT and sorry for not being able to include thevideo clips […]

  • schools teaching Mandarin in Sheffield

    Hello everyone,I am thinking about doing a PGCE (Mandarin). I need to do some classroom observation as part of my application. I am wondering if you teach or know any school teach Mandarin in […]

  • Re: Conference workshop 'Useful classroom resources for teaching the Pre-U language component' and List of idioms

    Brilliant stuff!Appreciate!Wei GanCalday Grange Grammar SchoolOn 19 June 2018 at 10:20, jing li <sei_ri@hotmail.com> wrote:> Dear colleagues,>>> It was lovely to see many of you at […]

  • Re: Conference workshop 'Useful classroom resources for teaching the Pre-U language component' and List of idioms

    Dear colleagues,It was lovely to see many of you at my workshop last Friday. I hope you found it useful.As discussed, please see the attached classroom resources and list of idioms that we went […]

  • Re: Annual Conference Workshop Resource 16th June 2018 - Newton Leng

    Hi Xuenian,I didn't have chance to get to the conference this year. From your experience with French, how do the speaking and writing sample materials compare to the real ones? Is it enough to use […]

  • Re: Annual Conference Workshop Resource 16th June 2018 - Newton Leng

    Dear Newton,This is absolutely fantastic and I don't mind saying so in a public forum!Thank you for the inspired work that has gone into this.As well as taking Newton's advice, I strongly recommend […]

  • Re: How to reply to an individual on the forum

    Hi Jennifer,Just click "Reply All", then remove the "Mandarin group" from the "to:" box. Hope this helps.RongSent from Yahoo Mail on AndroidOn Mon, 18 Jun 2018 at 14:35, Jennifer […]

  • How to reply to an individual on the forum

    Good morning everyone,great to see so many of us sharing resources and useful information on thiswonderful forum.Please can I remind us all that when you click on 'reply' - itautomatically sends your […]

  • Annual Conference Workshop Resource 16th June 2018 - Newton Leng

    Dear colleagues, It was nice meeting with you at the conference and I am acting on your feedback to share the materials used in my Saturday's workshop. Apologies again for the lack of printout on the […]

  • Additional AQA Textbook extension resources and early bird discount

    Dear ColleaguesIt was great to see so many of you at the Conference. We really appreciated the positive feedback that we received re. the AQA Textbook and Workbook series.Please be advised that our […]

  • Teacher of Mandarin at Co-op Academy, Swinton

    Dear All,Please see the advertisement for a full-time Mandarin teaching position at the Co-op Academy, Swinton.Please contact the school directly for more details.Best […]

  • Re: world cup resources

    Thank you for sharing, your time and effect spent on making these resources.God bless :)B […]

  • Re: world cup resources

    This is great, thank you so much for sharing!LiqunOn Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 5:46 PM, Jun Cai <juncai2005@gmail.com> wrote:> Hi everyone,>> I have just made some "raw" materials of this […]

  • world cup resources

    Hi everyone,I have just made some "raw" materials of this world cup. Feel free to useit and adapt it. Please share your brilliant ideas!er, of course, Chinese team was not qualified this time, as […]

  • Re: Part time Mandarin teaching position 0.5+ hrs

    Hi Beth,Would you please send me a bit more information regarding to this position please? If you could drop me an email at guanrui8@hotmail.co.uk<mailto:guanrui8@hotmail.co.uk> would be much […]

  • Part time Mandarin teaching position 0.5+ hrs

    Dear All,Happy Friday - I am just sharing some information, in the hopes of finding someone through our great network, about a job starting in September.Anglo European School in Ingatestone, Essex is […]

  • A Level Chinese textbook recommendations

    Hi all,Can any teachers who had experience in teaching A Level for Chinese to kindly recommend some good textbooks that I could look into? Or any useful resources you don’t mind sharing would […]

  • NYU Shanghai Representation at the Annual Chinese Teaching Conference 2018

    大家好!Greetings from NYU Shanghai <https://shanghai.nyu.edu/>. The newest degreegranting campus of New York University.We are an undergraduate campus of the university […]