Primary Case Studies

Primary 2aThe 3 principal models for primary level Chinese teaching are:

  • classes taught by a single native speaker e.g. CLEC teachers
  • classes co-taught by a native speaker and a UK teacher with language teaching experience (though not necessarily in Mandarin)
  • classes led by a UK teacher who learns Mandarin  her/himself and teaches as they learn

Each of these offers its own advantages and disadvantages, but all are potentially equally effective.  Two of the three are illustrated in the accompanying case-studies: native speakers at Greasby Infants and Rosendale Primary with the former demonstrating also that although MFL will only be a requirement at KS2, there are many advantages to starting in KS1; and teacher/learner at Robin Hood Primary.

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It is encouraging to note that some Primary PGCE teacher training courses are already incorporating the requirement to study a MFL.

There is an interesting analysis of the co-teacher approach by SCILT if you click here.

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