Teaching Resources

An online library of teaching resources support teachers delivering the Mandarin Excellence Programme. The resources include, but are not limited to, teaching materials, lesson plans, lesson extension activities and assessments.

In 2020 we launched our online bank of Mandarin Resources for Schools (MARS). This is a repository of teaching resources that will be useful for teachers of Chinese, whether for delivery of the Mandarin Excellence Programme or Chinese language teaching in schools in general. MARS was designed specifically for teachers and is completely free to use. Other resources are listed below.


Links to resources for delivering Jìnbù 1 and Jìnbù 2 can be found here:

Jìnbù 1

Jìnbù 2


Edmodo is a private space for Mandarin Excellence Programme teachers to discuss and share ideas, as well as share resources for teaching the programme curriculum.

If you are a programme teacher and you do not have access to the Edmodo group, please contact mandarinexcellence@ucl.ac.uk.

Mandarin Excellence Programme Edublog

The Mandarin Excellence Edublog site holds a constantly growing library of Mandarin Excellence Programme teaching resources, but is open to all those teaching Mandarin, not just those on the programme.

On our Edublog pages you will find resources covering all skills; listening, speaking, character writing, pronunciation and reading.

Student Projects

Student Projects are available to download which have been designed to assist in the 4 hours of learning outside of face to face classroom time. These come with accompanying teacher notes and answer sheets for students to self-assess.


Quizlet is free and full of online teaching activities focusing on vocabulary learning. There are numerous Mandarin vocabulary lists available with corresponding flashcards, games and quizzes. To help you find the resources you need we have selected and saved a library of vocabulary lists and quizzes, available in the UCL Mandarin Excellence Programme folders.


The UCL IOE Confucius Institute E-Forum aims to facilitate networking between Chinese teachers, schools looking for teachers and teachers looking for teaching roles.  The platform is free to join and is updated regularly with content from the Chinese teaching community.

Chinese Teaching Resources

This document contains the names of resources, links (where possible) and a description of what they focus on. All recommendations were given by a group of independent teachers. We hope that you find them useful.

Mandarin Excellence Programme Expert Panel Recommended

The following documents have been authored by teachers involved on the Expert Panel that runs alongside the programme.

Pedagogical approaches – The Expert Group has drawn up some recommended pedagogical approaches to deal with key pedagogical issues, drawing on good practice experienced by the group’s members.

Guidance on teaching beyond 4 hours of face to face classroom time– This guidance concerns the balance of the four weekly hours of after-school teaching and independent study in addition to the four hours of taught classroom time.