Please see below for a list of academic publications that we feel may be of interest. We expect this list to grow over time and if are aware of any journals or articles that have been published that may be of interest to a wider audience, please let us know by emailing us at

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IOE Publications

Speaking spontaneously in the modern foreign languages classroom: Tools for supporting successful target language conversation by Dr. Colin Christie (March 2016)

Mandarin Chinese in London education: language aspirations in a working-class secondary school by Pérez-Milan (May 2015)

Why do East Asian children perform so well in PISA? An investigation of Western born children of East Asian descent by John Jerrim (October 2014)

The teaching of Chinese in the UK by Teresa Tinsley and Kathryn Board (August 2014)

I don’t speak Chinese. Can I teach it? Alumni Life (Summer 2014)

Geopolitics and the Changing Hierarchies of the Chinese Language: Implications for Policy and Practice of Chinese Language Teaching in Britain : Geopolitics and the Changing Hierarchies of the Chinese Language by Prof. Li Wei (March 2014)

Getting to know you: The development of intercultural competence as an essential element in learning Mandarin by Tinghe Jin (March 2014)

The Teaching and Learning of Chinese in Schools by Katharine Carruthers (2012)

Intercultural competence in the learning of Chinese as a foreign language in the UK – an exploratory study by Tinghe Jin (2012)

English language ideologies in the Chinese foreign language education policies: a world-system perspective by Pan Lin (2011)


External publications
These publications have not been written by UCL Institute of Education Colleagues, but may be of interest to you in the teaching and learning of Chinese.

Citizenship Education in China and the UK: Key features and contemporary challenges by KAN Wei, Beijing Normal University (2005)

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