Join the Mandarin Excellence Programme

School Eligibility

In order to take part in the programme it is essential that your school should:

  • Have an Ofsted rating in its most recent inspection of ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’
  • Be committed to developing a strong curriculum presence of Mandarin Chinese
  • Ensure students study Mandarin for an average of 8 hours per week, with a minimum of four being made of face to face teaching time

It is highly desirable that your school should:

  • Have a strong presence of two or more languages on curriculum
  • Be able to enrol a minimum of 20 year 7 students onto the programme each year

Download and submit your Expression of Interest form now

Application Process

  1. Schools interested in taking part in the programme should download and complete an Expression of Interest form. This document outlines the key programme requirements, funding arrangements, and allows you to explain how the programme could work at your school.
  2. Once complete, please email your completed Expression of Interest to 
  3. We will be in contact to arrange an initial informal conversation, normally with the staff member who completed the Expression of Interest form. This acts as a great opportunity to understand the schools ability to deliver the programme, and also provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the programme. We may then arrange an informal conversation with other staff members who will be vital to the programme’s success.
  4. The penultimate step in the application process will be a conversation with the headteacher.
  5. Should both parties be in agreement that your school is ready to deliver the Mandarin Excellence Programme, the expression of interest will become an application to join. Based on the information provided, your school will then undergo a final approval process by the Department for Education.

Any questions?

If you require further information related to the programme please email us at, or complete the below form.