Working Papers

The purpose of the online working papers series produced by the UCL Institute of Education Confucius Institute on Mandarin Chinese Teaching and Teacher Education is to provide a platform for teachers to share their ideas about teaching, share their teaching experience and provide solutions to difficulties in the classroom.

The Working Papers constitute work in progress publications. They are published to stimulate discussion and contribute to the advancement of our knowledge.

The papers are meant to be either practical or theoretical. So far we have developed three themes for the IOE CI webpages;

  1. Chinese Teaching
  2. Teacher training
  3. Teachers as researchers

Please note that the papers in the linked webpages are work in progress. Final papers will be uploaded on completion.

We hope to build and add more papers as a knowledge base as well as a practice base for teachers of Mandarin Chinese and language teachers from around the world. If you have an idea, a paper or any contribution in mind, please contact us via We hope you find the papers useful for your teaching and research.

A wider variety of UCL Institute of Education ‘Working Papers’ (beyond Chinese Teaching) can be found on the main IOE website. Click here to go to the UCL Institute of Education Working Papers page.