2018 Annual Conference presentations

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The IOE Confucius Institute 15th Annual Chinese Teaching Conference took place in June of 2018. The theme of the Conference was ‘Thinking globally, acting locally: motivating Mandarin learners around the globe’ and these ideas were heavily reflected in the Conference workshops and plenaries. We have gathered together the workshop and plenary presentations so that they can be referred to and used in your future Chinese language teaching. The presentations below have been arranged below in order of appearance at the Conference.

Day 1, 15th June 2018

Conference Plenaries

Thinking globally, acting locally: motivating Mandarin learners around the globe – Katharine Carruthers

UCL IOE Master of Teaching (MTeach) – Caroline Conlon

Changing Hearts and Minds for an Open World: An Identity Approach to Teaching and Motivating Learners of Chinese in UK Schools  – Dr. Yongcan Liu

Characters first: The deep benefits of a different approach to learning the written language – Damian Charnock

Teaching Chinese in a multicultural world – Dr. Thomas Bak

Further reading: Healthy linguistic diet: the value of linguistic diversity and language learning across the lifespan – Dr. Thomas Bak

Further reading: Towards an interdisciplinary lifetime approach to multilingualism – Dr. Thomas Bak

Kensington Wade: English Chinese Dual Language School – Jo Wallace

Just Rap! – Adam Moorman

Example of rap

Conference Workshops

A video interaction to promote authenticity and spontaneity – Yuchen Li

How to stimulate interest in the new GCSE – Eva Bunnage

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

How do we create ‘China in the classroom’? – Helen Lewis

Using a learning cycle to accelerate students’ learning progress, to keep learners motivated – Katie Wang

Primary Mandarin: Planning for progression – Cara Bleiman

Teaching writing styles for the new GCSE – Yadi Luo

Strategies to enhance information from long-term memory – Monica Jang

Creating an immersive learning environment with technology – exchange trips and homestays – Jingjing Ruan

Useful classroom resources for teaching Pre U language papers – Jing Keeler

Workshop materials

Creative writing with Robots – Simone Haughey

Teaching history for Pre U: ‘The Big Picture’ – Ashley Hern

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

Classroom strategies for delivering the new Chinese GCSE writing – Alice Webb and Dr. Qian Kan

East meets West – immersive and culturally-relevant learning activities – Elliot Hsiao-Williams

‘Stickability’: Making character stick! – Lucy Wicks

Prezi version of presentation

Introducing characters – a different approach – Freya Zhang

Day 2, Saturday 16th June 2018

Conference Plenaries

Why Chinese – ShaoLan Hsueh

Learning and teaching Chinese through games – Olle Linge

Further information

Thinking Globally – Katharine Carruthers

Acting Locally – Chris Webster

MEP Teacher Training Videos – Nicola Larkin

Teacher Toolkit – Trevor Stevens

Mandarin Teaching Education: Issues and Solutions – Fotini Diamantidaki

Conference Workshops

Activities and strategies targeting new GCSE exam questions – from speaking to writing – Newton Leng

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

Creating a Chinese language immersion environment to maximise pupils’ learning potential – Kim Yan Wang

How to improve your students’ writing skills – Linying Liu

Feedback? Feed-forward! Marking revolution! – Alex Ferraby

Workshop materials

Workshop materials 

Learning and Teaching Chinese through Games workshopOlle Linge

From extrinsic to intrinsic motivation: A case study of character teaching – Jane Woo and Sophia Lam

Authenticity: Incorporating real Chinese into lessons – Annabel Hurley

Wolf Warriors! Different approaches to using authentic materials from Year 7 to 11 – Julian Suddaby

Intensive Chinese learning in the Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP) – Chunlei Li

A games based approach to primary Mandarin – Rachel Tiefenbrun

Learning Chinese characters with fun – Xuequn (Frank) Fan

Stronger KS3 and new GCSE in Mandarin – are you ready? – Shan Lane

Get linked globally – case study of e-pal and Skype project with Chinese schools – Yuemei Li

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

Workshop materials

Teaching Mandarin to Dyslexics – Dr. Theresa Munford

Low-teach and high-tech ways to liven up the KS3 Mandarin classroom – Ben Stainer