2017 Annual Conference Workshop Presentations

The IOE Confucius Institute 14th Annual Chinese Teaching Conference took place in June of 2017. The theme of the Conference was ‘Expanding Excellence: Raising Expectation, Increasing Fluency’ and these ideas were heavily reflected in the Conference workshops. We have gathered together the workshop presentations so that they can be referred to and used in your future Chinese language teaching. The presentations below have been arranged below in order of appearance at the Conference. Please note that the presentations without a link will be added to this webpage as and when we receive them.

Day 1, Friday 23rd June

Motivate the indifferent, stretch the eager – Liqun Dai

Planning for progress in the context of the new curriculum– Aurelie Sanner
Additional materials: Self-assessment    Moving forward – what to do next   Differentiated-education-leaflet to take away

Action research in Chinese classrooms – an initiative– Jane Woo
Additional Materials: Action Research Planning Guide

Fun approaches to learning Mandarin (with use of Web 2.0) – Simone Haughey

Incorporating classroom ideas from other subjects– Peishu Lin

Use differentiated activities to engage, motivate, challenge Chinese language learners – Katie Wang

Developing MOOCs for Chinese Learning – Yu Bin and Lily Chen

How to effectively use Hanban teachers – Xiaoming Zhu & Shi Jing

Setting up a creative Early Years Curriculum – Lynnette Ketchell

Student-led Chinese Outreach – Kay McLeod

Get Talking! Annabel Hurley

Strategies for teaching Pre-U Literature from classroom practice– Helen Lewis

Thinking about the bigger picture: design your own professional development plan – Fang Xiao & Alex Ferraby
Additional materials:  GCSE Photocards  MFL Matching T & L needs

Building links between Primary and Secondary study – Cindy Rutherford

Creating enthusiasm through independent learning: Using the UCL IOE Student Projects -Thomas Godber

Day 2, Saturday 24th June

Engaging and Stretching learners in two boys school – Jo Bao and Xuenian Leng
Additional materials: Speaking- Jinbu 1 Chapter 1     Engaging and Streching learners in two boys school

Encouraging the Intiative – independent learners with all 4 skills – Alex Farraby
Additional Materials: Chatty Mat – GCSE Materials

Investigating the intelligibility of young beginner learners of ChineseRob Neal

Bring your classroom alive with technology! – Allysa Liu

Thinking outside of the box – cross curricular links– Michelle Tate and Ma Shelin

Exploring Lesson Starters with Fluency– Elliot Hsiao-Williams

New_elements in GCSE– Michelle Tate and Yan Hua
Additional materials: Presentation 2

UNhomework– Jennifer Buster

Using Social Networking to develop CFL learners’ Intercultural Communicative Competence– Ruan Jingjing

Reflective Teaching: practical steps to professional development -Philippa Vallely
Additional materials: Can do statements

Don’t just say it rap it!  Adam Moorman
Additional materials: (Soundfile) Soundfile

The Blue Kite and Beyond – understanding film in the classroom – James Trapp

Target Language for Optimum Progress- Encouraging Spontaneity In Your Classroom – Chris Webster
Additional materials: TL Wall Posters   TL Toolkit    Target Language CPD     Pinyin Linkwords Wall Display

Chinese Proficiency Tests (HSK & YCT) in UK mainstream schools – Gan Wei and Christina Zhang
Additional materials: Y8 End of year test 2017-revised    Listening worksheet-food    Chinese YCT vocab in topics

Working with Technology: News-based Learning with the Chairman’s Bao– Sean McGibney & Theresa Munford