Schools and Universities Day 2022

*Please note that the event was initially planned for Friday 21st of January and has now been rescheduled to Monday 28th March 2022*

The sixth Schools and Universities Day will take place on Monday 28th March 2022 at the UCL Institute of Education. 

The event is free and is a unique opportunity for teachers and secondary school students of Chinese to meet with Chinese departments from universities across the UK. Students that attend will be able to learn more about the universities and what they have to offer.  

Since we started running the Schools and Universities Day, feedback on it has been overwhelmingly positive. It creates space for direct dialogue between students and university representatives and facilitates discussion and connections between teachers and universities.

You can find out which universities attended the event in 2020 here. The majority of the universities from the list and some more will attend the event this January.

Programme of the day  

The day will start at 10:00 and finish at 15:30. Given the current situation and the maximum capacity of the venues, it is expected that the day will be run in two separate sessions: a session in the morning and a session in the afternoon. Each 2.5-hour session will include:

  • University-School Discussion Board
  • Tailored Talks and Q&A for School Students
  • University Fair

School registration 

If your school would like to attend this (free of charge) event, please complete the online form via the link below by Wednesday 8th December

This event is suitable for students who are in Year 12 and their accompanying teachers.

Register here: Schools and Universities Day Booking Page

Feedback from students who attended the event in the past:

“The university fair was very useful because it gave me a good idea of the different types of course that different universities had to offer and so has helped my decision in which university/course to do”

“The university fair … gave me a real insight into what I could do with a Chinese degree and what was on offer from universities”

“I had the chance personally to ask questions about what other courses would involve. I was able to find a few places of possible interest” “I got to see in what ways you can continue Mandarin after school and see the different opportunities universities were giving along with Mandarin”