Pre-U Culture Paper Training – Interview with trainer Fran Ring

Fran Ring will be your host on 2 DecemberLooking for advice on how to teach Pre-U culture topics and essay writing? We asked Fran Ring some questions about the upcoming teacher training day on 2 December*…

  1. What will the training on 2 December cover?

The sessions will cover key themes and strategies for teaching the History, Geography and Economics modules of the Pre-U Mandarin Chinese Culture Paper. We will also be demonstrating how best to structure the teaching of the culture paper through the provision of a detailed scheme of work for each subject. The final session will focus on strategies for tackling the examination which will include essay planning and structure.

  1. I’ve never taught essay writing – will this training day help me?

Yes! We will be providing practical strategies for essay planning and writing.

  1. Is it just for teachers already running Pre-U, or will the material be useful for A Level and other courses?

This course is specifically aimed at those teaching the Pre-U especially those who have not had experience of teaching History, Geography and Economics. We will provide a guide to the basic principles of teaching each subject and some practical ways to deliver content and develop the subject specific skills needed for the examination.

  1. Can you give us some top tips for teachers of Chinese who would like to collaborate with colleagues from other subjects at their own schools?

Our top tip is to talk to people from other departments. When we introduced Chinese History at Trinity School our Head of Chinese was thrilled and gave us lots of support, ideas and resources. This collaboration has really enhanced our teaching of history and hopefully brought a new element to the students study and enjoyment of their language lessons.

  1. I don’t know where to look for the best resources – can you give us some top tips?

The sessions will be packed with such ideas! Hopefully see you there!

Fran Ring will lead and host the ‘Teaching the Cambridge Pre-U Mandarin Chinese Culture Paper’ training at Trinity School in Croydon on 2 December. Fran teaches History at Trinity School and will be joined by colleagues from the History, Geography and Economics departments, who will each share their subject expertise on the day as well as a detailed scheme of work for the culture paper.

* Bookings for this event have now closed.

Training materials and videos from this training will be available online in a self-enrolment website after the event. If you are not registered to attend but would like access to the online materials, please e-mail your request to us at with the subject ‘Pre-U Moodle self-enrolment’.


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