Online Teaching Resources for Teachers


Teaching Resources from the CI (including from our CC and MEP schools): A vast amount of resources here, including

character booklets for Jinbu 1 and 2,

Jinbu 1 and 2 and Easy Steps to Chinese, textbook resources

Student Projects, freely available for any school (you don’t have to be MEP). General link for resources This includes links to all our Jinbu resources


Primary: This includes multiple links to external sources Our primary toolkit, with many resources collaboratively given by teachers and schools in the primary Chinese network


 Mandarin Specific (not CI): Free access (for now) to a sample reading module: select ‘Access GoChinese’ from the ‘UK/Europe’ site.  The username & password is demo3.2020 .  This account will be active until 30 April 2020.  Special offer- £1 for 6 months subscription Peking University offer free (click the “audit” button when signing up) HSK courses on the Coursera platform (you have to sign up, but it’s free). They also have some nice cultural courses as well. a platform to watch multiple Chinese TV shows (mostly drama/ comedy). Many have English subtitles.

And, of course, don’t forget the wealth of materials for Jinbu and GCSE added by teachers to , and Just login to those sites and search.


Other Edtech Resources:

A large amount of tools have been gathered here for you:

Some to highlight are: This is a really fun collection of games that either you or your students can create and then share with each other. My personal favourite is the 1980’s style arcade game generator: This is a really lovely collaborative tol to use with your students. It’s a virtual pinboard, so you and your students can work together, comment on what each other posts and build some great resources. as it says, make any video a lesson  This is a great presentation tool, especially if you want to be collaborative with your students- they can also add to a prezi presentation. you can your students can make cartoons for free! a great online classroom environment



CPD for Teachers:

 MEP Teaching Films: we recorded 8 different teachers from our MEP classrooms teaching in a live environment. These are all accessible here:

You can either watch the lessons as a whole, or you can select by teaching topic (for example, “differentiation” or “scaffolding”). You could think about something in your own teaching that you would like to change/ improve, and watch the teachers to see how they demonstrate that skill.

Conference Presentations: All of our conference presentations from teachers in this community are available online (going back several years). You can search them by going to our main website, and clicking on “teaching materials”. This gives you a drop-down menu, scroll down to secondary/ primary, and that will expand another menu to the right. This has options like “teaching speaking and listening”, “off-curriculum activities” etc. Click on any of these to access those workshops and ideas. For example, clicking on “teaching speaking and listening” will take you to here:

 Coursera and FutureLearn are two large MOOC (Mass Open Online Course) providers, with a wealth of free courses. One course which has been helpful for us in developing our online learning, is the course on Blended Learning, provided by Leeds University and UCL experts: