Mandarin Excellence Programme: Expression of Interest Form

Expressions of interest are now being accepted from schools that wish to become part of the Mandarin Excellence Programme from September 2019.

To find out more about the Mandarin Excellence Programme please visit our programme homepage.

Click here to download an Expression of Interest Form.

Please send the completed Expression of Interest forms to the Mandarin Excellence Programme project team at

The form has been designed to assess your school’s readiness and willingness to participate as a hub school in the DfE’s Mandarin Excellence Programme.

This template consists of three parts:

  1. Background to the programme
  2. Criteria for schools to take part in the programme
  3. Template for your school to complete


In order to take part in the programme, it is highly desirable that you should:

  • have an Ofsted rating in your most recent inspection of 1 (outstanding) or 2 (good)
  • already be committed to a strong presence of two or more languages on curriculum

Schools on the programme should also be able to do the following:

  • provide four hours of teacher-taught classroom lessons for the MEP cohort.
  • provide a programme of at least eight hours a week, made up of a combination of teacher taught classroom lessons, after-school teaching,self-study and intensive study courses (in China and the UK).
  • act as or work with a hub school, growing the number of schools and pupils in the local area on the programme.
  • work to ensure that pupils will be on course to complete HSK IV and V exams within 6 years of starting the programme (beyond the lifespan of the programme). Pupils should also be on course to complete Chinese GCSE and A Level, IB or Pre-U qualifications during and beyond the programme lifespan.

Any questions?

If you require further information related to the programme please email us at