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Last month UCL IOE Confucius Institute Director Katharine Carruthers was interviewed by the LanguageTech Podcast team. In the interview she details more about her passion for developing Chinese in schools across England, the Mandarin Excellence Programme and more.

Katharine’s journey began back at the age of 18, when she first decided to start studying Chinese. It’s now 27 years since she first began teaching the subject, and over 25 since she first began work as an examiner in the subject. Most recently, she has gone on to spearhead the Department for Education’s Mandarin Excellence Programme, which will deliver a minimum of 5,000 speakers on their way to a high level of fluency in Mandarin by 2020.

To hear the complete recording visit the LangTech Podcast website.

Source: Episode 6 - Katharine Carruthers on Learning Chinese in Schools