Technology and Online Classrooms Teacher Training


A workshop on Technology and Online Classrooms was held last Thursday as part of our Dynamic Classroom series of teacher training workshops. The day was led by IOE CI Teacher Training Coordinator, Philippa Vallely and Rebecca Wilson who works in Initial Teacher Education at UCL IOE, developing training around digital technology.

The training revisited previous IOE CI workshops that had been based on technology in the Chinese language classroom. The sessions presented participants with ideas around how they can use technology, online classrooms, new websites and apps, to maximise learning opportunities for their students, without hugely increasing their own workload.


Rebecca’s sessions looked at the context and theory behind using technology in the classroom. Rebecca brought iPads to the workshop for each participant in order to introduce them to a range of different digital teaching activities and presentation tools for their language teaching. As well as this, Rebecca showed the teachers how to visually plan a lesson while using technology in their planning.

Philippa’s sessions focussed on flip learning and student engagement activities in the classroom. These sessions gave teachers the opportunity to see how they could save time in their classroom with technology and also give their students technological activities to do outside of the classroom. These activities provide an opportunity to engage with students outside their learning envorinment, which is vital to ensuring that the language learning process is ongoing

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