“Doing Dragons Differently” took place in British Museum Today

A group of teachers joined James Trapp, museum expert and primary coordinator at the IOE CI, to explore Chinese history and culture through objects in the British Museum.

The day was based around a quest activity that can be applied to a Chinese language and culture learning class and beyond. The quest gave the visit a focus and teachers were encouraged to think about objects beyond their immediate context in a glass display case.

Later in the day, teachers went back to the IOE classroom to discuss ways to use the historic objects and how to make them attractive and relevant to the students back to their schools.


Teachers found the training helpful and comments included:

“Useful to have ideas for developing further back at school. I feel that this is highly relevant to my teaching knowledge and is greatly applicable in my future teaching experience.” (Wanyi Gwee)

“The lecture on how to link language with objects is quite useful. It inspires me to use more real objects to teach language which can give students a focus and good start for learning.” (Yeli Zhao)

If you are interested to take part in similar upcoming training events, you can book you places here.

Click here for a film clip to give you a glimpse of the training.

We plan to make the ‘Doing Dragons Differently’ course available online in early 2015. To express your interest, please e-mail chinesenetworks@ioe.ac.uk with the subject heading ‘Doing Dragons Differently’.