How do you teach …Essay Writing for the Cambridge Pre-U Culture Paper?

Trinity Pre-U day - feat

This week we were at Trinity School, Croydon, for training on “Teaching the Cambridge Pre-U Mandarin Chinese Culture Paper”.  Cambridge Pre-U is a post-16 qualification that is an increasingly popular option among students and teachers of Mandarin Chinese.

What did I miss?

Participants heard from four different subject experts each with lesson ideas and resources, and received three carefully-designed schemes of work.

There were three sessions on various topics for the culture paper (paper 4) and a fourth session on essay writing.

Sessions on “Strategies for Teaching…“:

1. The founding of the People’s Republic of China (led by Ms Fran Ring, History)

2. Emerging China: population, environment and migration (led by Dr David Preece, Geography)

3. Chinese economic trends since 1978 (led by Mr Rob Earl, Economics)

And finally:

4. Strategies for examining Paper 4: Chinese Culture – with top tips for teaching essay writing (led by Mr John Short, History)

A big thank you to Ms Ring, Mr Short, Dr Preece, Mr Earl, and to all the staff at Trinity School for the warm welcome and for sharing your expertise!

Can I see the presentations?

There will soon be a chance to access the training materials and videos online for a limited time only. To request self-enrolment log-in details, please e-mail with the subject “Pre-U day self-enrolment request”.