Best-selling author to speak at Conference

Shaolan Chineasy (feat.)

ChineasyShaoLan Hsueh, author of Chineasy, is coming to the 11th Annual Chinese Teaching Conference.  Are you?

You may have seen ShaoLan’s TED Talk online in which she first introduced her Chineasy designs to the world back in 2013.  In the short time since then, ShaoLan has attracted a substantial following, raised almost £200,000 in funding, and even accompanied the Prime Minister’s trade delegation to China.

She describes herself as a “creator, entrepreneur, geek, writer, traveller and dreamer”.

For those of you who have not come across ShaoLan yet, have a look at:

Chineasy is being translated into 12 languages this year and ShaoLan has some very interesting things to say about learning Chinese characters.

ShaoLan at the Conference

We are really excited that ShaoLan is coming to give a keynote on the first afternoon (Day 1) of our conference.

Book your place at the 11th Annual Chinese Teaching Conference to hear ShaoLan speak.

Watch ShaoLan’s TED talk from 2013:

Watch ShaoLan’s KickStarter appeal:

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