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Earlier this term we announced that Elizabeth Truss and ShaoLan will join the 11th Annual Chinese Teaching Conference. We are excited that we shall also be welcoming the following people as keynote speakers:

1. Professor Michel Hockx

Professor Hockx will talk about Chinese Studies at the university level. He is both Director of the SOAS China Institute, and he is also the President of the British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS), the organisation which links all the university Chinese departments.

200 x 150 Michel Hockx

Prof. Michel Hockx

As more of our students elect to do Chinese in the sixth form, it is vital that Chinese departments in schools and universities have close contact.  Universities need to know about what we do in schools, and we in schools know about the courses that they offer and the expectations they have of undergraduate students.

2. Sarah Dodd

Sarah works at the University of Leeds and will join us to share her expertise in Chinese fiction and film – particularly some thought-provoking ways to use of film in the languages classroom.

200 x 150 Sarah Dodd

Sarah Dodd

It is always good to have keynotes to create discussion and we are hoping that this keynote will set the tone for Saturday morning and get us all talking about how we can make more use of film.

3. Rob Neal & Dr Pan Lin

Rob Neal (Silverdale School) and Dr Pan Lin (IOE) will talk about some Action Research projects undertaken by a group of teachers in our IOE Confucius Classrooms.

200 x 150 Rob Neal

Rob Neal

Action Research is looking at a particular classroom issue and researching ways to improve.  This is a key part of our work going forward to make the teaching and learning of Chinese sustainable. We hope many other teachers will be inspired by this keynote and want to get involved in Action Research in their own classrooms in the future.

200 x 150 Pan Lin

Dr Pan Lin

Rob and Lin will also lead a breakout session Saturday afternoon in which you can meet them, learn more about current projects and find out how you too can be involved.


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