Access to Mandarin Grammar Course on Moodle

The IOE Confucius Institute recently held the two-part ‘Getting to grips with Mandarin grammar teaching’ course which developed the ways in which Mandarin grammar is approached in the classroom. This course applied contemporary MFL approaches to grammar teaching. The first part took a close look at the structure of grammar and the way in which it plays a role in the Mandarin language classroom, while Part Two took the understanding of grammar further to look at practical ways in which grammar can be applied in a communicative classroom.


If you didn’t attend this teacher training course but are interested in learning more, you now have the opportunity to access all the materials and video footage from the course. The course has been set up on the IOE Confucius Institute’s Moodle page and includes PowerPoint presentations, handouts provided during training and video footage filmed during training. If you are interested in accessing these materials, please email Nicola at and she will send you the enrollment details for this course.