St Mary Magdalene Academy welcomes the Year of The Dog

St Mary Magdalene Academy, one of IOE Confucius Classrooms, welcomed the year of the Dog in style! The annual Chinatown Trip marked the beginning of celebrations as pupils participated in the ‘Reunion Lunch’ amidst the festive atmosphere.

The entire school was donned in red and gold, with decorations of Chinese couplets and lanterns in every classroom. Staff also dressed up in Chinese festive colours. Everyone was treated to thrilling demonstrations of martial arts and graceful displays of Mongolian dance in special Chinese New Year assemblies. Workshops were also held in classes as pupils put their creative hats on.

Mandarin teachers handed out ‘hong bao’ (red envelope) to pupils as they flocked excitedly to wishing teachers ‘xin nian kuai le’(Happy New Year), before serving delicious dumplings to the whole school accompanied by a celebration lunch of Chinese chicken and red velvet cakes for dessert.

The school was filled with joyful Spring Festival atmosphere and as one pupil stated, ‘Chinese New Year is my favourite festival!’