New updated version of the Programme of Study for Primary Mandarin

A new updated version of the Programme of Study for Primary Mandarin is now available for download. Re-released in June 2016, the language content and general rationale remain the same but the formatting has been changed and a far greater cultural content has been developed. The aim of this revision is both to enrich the students’ experience of China and Chinese, and also to make the programme more accessible to non-Mandarin-speaking classroom teachers by illustrating the subject’s rich cross-curricular potential. The new cultural content is designed to link to curriculum topics in other subject areas such as History, Geography, Literacy, Art & Design and Religious Knowledge.

The PoS has been further redesigned to include a separate scheme for the introduction of Chinese characters. This scheme acknowledges the time-consuming nature of character acquisition, and focuses on creating an understanding of the nature and form of characters rather than building an extensive written vocabulary

There are also supporting PowerPoint presentations on Measure Words and Chinese Dragons

Click here to open and download the Primary Programme of Study (PDF)

Click here for an Introduction to Chinese characters (PPT)

Click here for suggested characters by topic (PPT)

Click here for an introduction to measure words (PPT)

Click her for Chinese Dragons (PPT)

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