Museums Quest Online

James Trapp BM 200 x 200

Earlier this year our Primary Coordinator (and former China Education Manager at the British Museum) ran teacher training for teachers (primary and secondary) interested in making museum visits more structured, and also to provide ideas for taking the museum experience back into the classroom.

The training provided a framework for teachers to take their students on a “quest” around a museum (not museum specific), asking students to look closely at the artefacts, and engage with developing a story, and a curiosity, from those objects. James also encourages teachers to use the multiple cross-curricula options that a museum visit can open up, as students can start to make connections between language, culture, history, geography, religion and art- the options are endless!

We have made a short video of this experience for the teachers who were unable to attend the training, the details and more information can be found here in our Teaching Materials section. We have also included a copy of the museum quest, and a list of musuems across the UK that can help you either online or with an actual visit.