Jìn bù 1 (Original)

The teaching materials uploaded to this page have been kindly donated by Natalie Syers, Paul Tyskerud, Jonathan Pope and Melanie Syers of Dartford Grammar School for Boys Confucius Classroom.

Please feel free to download the materials and print them out for your own use in the classroom.

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Chapter 1 – Hi!, 嗨, Hai

1.1 – One, two, three, … ,一二三, yī, èr, sān

Numbers Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
Numbers Lesson 3 (PPT)

Additional Materials
Classroom commands (PPT)
Intro to Chinese class (PPT)
Number cards (1+2) (MS WORD)
Numbers crossword (MS WORD)
Numbers randommeter game (PPT)

1.2 – How old are you?  你多大? nǐ duō dà?

Age Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
Age Lesson 3 (他 and 她) (PPT)

Additional Materials
Age survey (MS WORD)
Age test (MS WORD)
Age vocab test (PPT)
Character practice sheet (MS WORD)
Character worksheet – age (PDF)

1.3 – Hello, 你好?nǐ hǎo?

Greetings Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
Greetings lesson 3 (PPT)
Greetings Lessons 4+5 (PPT)
Greetings Lesson 6 (PPT)

Additional Materials
Greetings vocab test (PPT)
Character randommeter game – greetings, age, numbers (PPT)
Greetings 1 test (MS WORD)
Greetings character practice sheet (MS WORD)
How are you characters sheet (PDF)
How are you phrases sheet (PDF)
Survey 4+5 (MS WORD)

1.4 – My name is …我叫… wǒ jiào…

My name is… Lessons 1 + 2 (PPT)

Additional Materials
Character worksheet – my name is… (PDF)
Greetings vocab test (MS WORD)
Mid Autumn Festival resource (EXTERNAL WEBSITE)
Speaking survey – what is your name… (MS WORD)
Chapter 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 vocab email (PPT)

1.5 – China, 中国, zhōng guó

China Places & Chapter 1 Revision Lesson 1+2 (PPT)

Additional Materials
China Presentation (MS WORD)
Feedback sheet for presentations (MS WORD)
Jinbu Chapter 1 Assessment (cartoon of introductions) (MS WORD)
Chapter 1 Unit 5 – Quiz about China (PPT)

Chapter 1, End of Chapter Assessments

Jinbu Chapter 1 – end of chapter assessment (MS WORD)
Jinbu Chapter 1 – end of chapter assessment (teacher copy) (MS WORD)

Chapter 2 – Family, & home, 家, jiā

2.1 – My family, 我的家人, wǒ de jiā rén

My family Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
My family Lesson 3 (PPT)
My family Lessons 4+5 (PPT)
My family Lesson 6 (PPT)

Additional Materials
Family character sheet (PDF)
My family vocab test (PPT)
My family vocab test 1 (MS WORD)
My family vocab test 2 (MS WORD)
Survey – how many people in your family (MS WORD)

2.2 – My little cat, 我的小猫, wǒ de xiǎo māo

Pets Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
Pets Lesson 3 (PPT)
Pets Lessons 4+5 (PPT)
Pets Lesson 6 (PPT)

Additional Materials
Family character practice sheet (MS WORD)
Pet Survey (MS WORD)
Pets 2 worksheet (4+5) (PDF)
Pets vocab test 1 (MS WORD)
Sentence rearrange activity sheet (MS WORD)
Song lyrics – I am a small small bird (MS WORD)

2.3 – My birthday, 我的生日, wǒ de shēng rì

Birthdays Lesson 1 (PPT) 

Additional Materials
Birthday and dates character sheet (PDF)
Birthday character practice sheet (MS WORD)
Birthday survey (MS WORD)
Birthdays vocab test (PPT)

2.4 – Chinese homes, 中国人的家, zhōng guó rén de jiā

Chinese homes Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
Chinese homes Lessons 3+4 (PPT)

Additional Materials
End of term – Who wants to be a millionaire (PPT)
Extended character worksheet (Arch) (PDF)
Extended family character sheet (PDF)
Sentence loop – revision from chapters 1+2 (MS WORD)
Sentence search chapters 1+2 (student copy) (MS WORD)
Sentence search chapters 1+2 (teacher copy) (MS WORD)
Chapter 2 characters randommeter (PPT)

Chapter 2, End of Unit Assessments

Chapter 2 End of chapter assessment NFS (PPT)
Family tree MYP writing assessment (MS WORD)
Family tree MYP writing assessment feedback sheet (MS WORD)
Family tree template (PPT)

Chapter 3 – Hobbies, 爱好, ài hào

3.1 – Lets play games!, 我们玩儿游戏吧!, wǒ mén wánr yóu xì ba

Hobbies Lesson 1 (PPT)
Hobbies Lesson 2 (PPT)
Hobbies Lesson 3 Review (PPT)

Additional Materials
Hobbies Likes & dislikes grid (MS WORD)
Hobbies Character sheet (PDF)
Hobbies Vocab test and activities (PPT)
Hobbies Survey (MS WORD)

3.2 – I like watching TV!, 我喜欢看电视!, Wǒ xǐ huan kàn diàn shì!

Likes & Dislikes Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
Likes & Dislikes Lesson 3 (PPT)

Additional Materials
Likes & Dislikes vocab test (MS WORD)
Likes & Dislikes writing framework (MS WORD)
Likes & Dislikes writing support sheet (MS WORD)

3.3 – Can you swim?, 你会游泳吗?, Nǐ huì yóu yǒng ma?

Sports Lessons 1+2 (PPT)

Additional Materials
Likes & Dislikes – character grid and beat the teacher (PPT)
Sports & Likes worksheet (MS WORD)
Sports character practice sheet (PDF)
Sports survey (MS WORD)
Sports vocab test (MS WORD)

3.4 – I surf the net on Mondays, 我星期一上网, Wǒ xīng qī yī shàng wǎng

Days of the week Lesson 1 (PPT)
Days of the week Lesson 2 (PPT)
Days of the week Lesson 3 (PPT)

Additional Materials
Days of the week vocab test (MS WORD)
Days of the week worksheet (PDF)
Friday Friday song lyrics
Oral questions about classes and times of day (PPT)
Trap door speaking activity – daily activities (MS WORD)

Chapter 3, End of Chapter Assessments

End of Chapter 3 writing assessment (PPT)
Unit 3 End of Unit Assessment (Listening and Reading) (MS WORD)
Unit 3 End of Unit Assessment (teacher copy) (MS WORD)
Weekly Diary MYP Writing Assessment (MS WORD)
Weekly Diary MYP Writing Assessment Feeback Sheet (MS WORD)

Chapter 4 – School, 学校, xué xiào

4.1 – Chinese is cool!  中文很酷! zhōng wén hěn kù!

School Subjects Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
School Subjects Lesson 3 (PPT)
School Subjects Lessons 4+5 (PPT)

Additional Materials
Favourite and least favourite school subjects survey (MS WORD)
School Subjects survey (MS WORD)
School Subjects lessons writing support template (MS WORD)
School Subjects sentence shuffle 4+5 (MS WORD)
School Subjects vocab test (MS WORD)
Speaking worksheet – Timetable Person A (MS WORD)
Speaking Worksheet – Timetable Person B (MS WORD)

4.2 – What time’s your class?  你几点上课? Nǐ jǐ diǎn shàng kè

What time do you begin class – Lessons 1+2 (PPT)

Additional Materials
Your favourite class survey (MS WORD)

4.3 – My timetable, 我的课程表, wǒ de kè chéng biǎo

My timetable Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
My timetable Lesson 3 (PPT)
My timetable Lesson 4 (PPT)

Additional Materials
My timetable group speaking resource (MS WORD)
My timetable group translation activity (MS WORD)
My timetable listening & speaking worksheet (MS WORD)
My timetable reading starter activity (MS WORD)
Time gap fill worksheet JP (MS WORD)

4.4 – Is your class big?  你们班大不大? Nǐ men bān dà bu dà?

Our Class Lesson 1 (PPT)
Our Class Lesson 2 (PPT)
Our Class Lesson 3 (Character games) (PPT)
Our Class Extended lessons (PPT)

Additional Materials
Our Class vocab test (PPT)

Chapter 4, End of Chapter Assessments

My Timetable – creative assessment (MS WORD)
My Timetable – creative assessment marking grid (MS WORD)

Chapter 5 – Food & drink, 食品和饮料, shí pǐng hé yǐn liào

5.1 – I eat rice, 我吃米饭, wǒ chī mǐ fàn

Food and Drink Lesson 1 (PPT)
Food and drink Lessons 2+3 (PPT)

Additional Materials
Food and Drink reading activity (MS WORD)
Food and Drink writing activity (MS WORD)
Survey of food preferences (MS WORD)

5.2 – What do you have for lunch?  你午饭吃什么? Nǐ wǔ fàn chī shén me

What do you eat at lunch Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
What do you eat at lunch Lesson 3 (PPT)

Additional Materials
What do you eat at lunch character sheet (PDF)

5.3 – Daily meals, 一日三餐, yī rì sān cān

Daily Meals Lesson 1 (Vocab Introduction) (PPT)

5.4 – I would like a coke, 我想喝可乐, wǒ xiǎng hē kě lè

At a restaurant Lessons 1+2 (PPT)
Drinks Lessons 1+2 (PPT)

Additional Materials
At a restaurant vocab test (MS WORD)
At a restaurant character sheet (PDF)
Food and drink reading comprehension (MS WORD)
Trap door speaking activity – ordering food (MS WORD)

End of Year/Unit Assessments

Year 7 Chinese Listening End of Year Exam (MS WORD)
Year 7 Chinese Listening End of Year Exam (teacher version) (MS WORD)

Year 7 and 8 End of Year Oral Exam (MS WORD)

Year 7 and 8 Reading and Responding End of Year Exam (MS WORD)

Year 7 and 8 Writing End of Year Exam (MS WORD)
Year 7 Writing exam checklist (MS WORD)

If you have any questions or feedback on the resources, please contact chinesenetworks@ucl.ac.uk.

About Jìn bù

Jìn bù 11-14 Mandarin Chinese is a two year course and has been written by a team of Chinese teachers from UCL Institute of Education Confucius Classrooms [formerly ‘SSAT’] to meet the needs of pupils taking Chinese as a second language.

Watch this video to find out more:

  • Follows the tried-and-tested structure of other mainstream language courses so pupils and teachers alike will feel comfortable using it.
  • Packed with cultural content about the modern Chinese-speaking world to give pupils a real taste of Chinese culture.
  • Strong focus on character acquisition with activities that makes learning them easier to help build pupils’ confidence.
  • Differentiated activities to tailor lessons according to ability so every pupil has the chance to progress.