A review: IOE CI Resource Training Events, December 2012

The IOE Confucius Institute successfully delivered three Chinese resource training events in December 2012. One took place at Upton Hall School Confucius Classroom in Merseyside and two at the Institute Of Education in London. The focus of the workshops was on the effective use of teaching resources.

The speakers included experienced teachers and academics. A range of workshop topics included selecting appropriate resources, teaching beginners and more advanced students, and effective classroom teaching.

Various Chinese teaching resources were also exhibited and the participants had opportunities to view these resources and had time for networking.

Feedback from the participants has been very positive and included the following comments;

It gave me some new insights on what to look for when choosing materials for Chinese learners of different learning backgrounds.

I have enjoyed all the sessions on Friday. Session 1 gave me the idea how to evaluate the teaching resources and how to select the appropriate one.  Session 2 and 3 gave me some excellent ideas in practical teaching…Thank you!

I found all the presentations helpful.

I got quite a lot information from the workshop. Both about different teaching materials available and how to use them. Also the very experienced teachers showed a lot of skills in class managing and we exchanged details about effective Chinese teaching.

Every session was very useful to me.

It was good to have the practical sessions as well as the theoretical sessions in the workshop.

I think this course has sharpened my teaching techniques and enhances my theoretical knowledge.  I particularly like the interaction and activities this course involves.

Many local teachers shared their opinions and experiences, and had heated discussions about some topics. People with different ideas felt free to exchange opinions.

To see the programmes for the events please click the links below.

Programme – Teaching Materials Workshop, 8 December, Merseyside (PDF)

Programme – Teaching Materials Workshop, 14 & 15 December, London (PDF)

To view the presentations by the Workshop speakers please use the links below.

Teaching Mandarin to Beginners by Rob Neal (PDF)

What makes a good Chinese textbook by Dr. George Zhang (PDF)

Evaluating and selecting appropriate teaching resources by Xiaoming Zhu (PDF)

Effective use of teaching resources for GCSE by Lisa Wang (PDF)

Effective engaging lessons by Anne Martin (PDF)

Creating an environment for effective learning by Zhou Hu (PDF)

Competitive Learning Workshop by Joe Bensley (PDF)

Chinese Culture in a Language Classroom by Linying Liu (PDF)

About IOE Conofucius Institute by Xiaoming Zhu (PDF)