Young Photographers’ Competition – Winners

The IOE CI is very excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Young Photographers Competition. The winning photographs were exhibited at UCL North Cloisters over December 2018 and January 2019. The exhibition was very well received and was a great opportunity for the young people to see their photographs displayed in such an iconic London building. Find out more information about the Young Photographers’ Competition.

The winning photos from the 2018 Young Photographers’ Competition are included below.

Chinese Characters – Aged 13 years and under

Chinese Characters – Aged 14 – 18 years

China at Play – Aged 13 years and under

China at Play – Aged 14 to 18 years

East Meets West (UK-based) – Aged 13 years and under

East Meets West (UK-based) – Aged 14 – 18 years


China: Past, Present and Future (portfolio category – five photos)

WINNER Nefertiti Cheung

Remaining the same level as the table, a landscape of a near-centre single person is attention-grabbing. I used a good amount of exposure for the red hat and the pattern of the blue coat the grandmother is wearing. I focused on the everyday lives of market people and captured an elderly’s selling toys. Using the decisive moment, an elderly is carrying bags while a police officer is riding a motorcycle next to her. I spotted three people and waited for a gesture that could happen between the father and daughter.



On my recent trip to China, I was really struck by how interwoven the past, present and future of China are, and wanted to explore these ideas further through my photographs. As well as the history of China being the past, and inventions being the future, the different generations of people in families also represent the past, present and future. With the retirement age relatively low in China, all the focus is on the present generation to support China and the future generation to pave the future (education and exams are intense!). These photos show the different lives of the past, present and future generations of China, as well as showcasing how the surroundings of China may change through the ages but there is always an element of the past found in every area.


I took all of these pictures in Nanluo Guxiang, Beijing. I thought it would be interesting if I could capture Past, Present and Future at one place, at same time. Looking around hutongs, I realised that there were something more than just the hutongs. Their old culture still remained and the new culture was blending in. I tried to capture moments where we can all see the past and the future together.