Beginner Mandarin: London Schools


Beginners’ Mandarin: London Schools

The UCL Institute of Education’s Confucius Institute (IOE CI), funded by The Mayor of London’s London Schools Excellence Fund, are offering a fully-funded training course due to begin in September 2014.

This course will give you the opportunity to develop your own language skills, through expert pedagogical and language training in the teaching of beginners’ Mandarin. Additionally you will be supported with resources developed by experienced Mandarin teachers, to continue your personal development and enrich the learning environment in your classroom.

Course Details

Writing ChineseThis will be a combined course, including online and face-to-face elements throughout the autumn term 2014, allowing participants the opportunity to practice with a native speaker as well as study at their own pace.

Course includes:

  • A programme of study for Mandarin Chinese and related resources
  • An introduction to Chinese characters
  • A practical introduction to Chinese language teaching techniques
  • Cultural content to support language learning
  • An online course which can be studied at participant’s own speed
  • Support from qualified Mandarin teachers


To be eligible for this course, you must teach in a London borough or be a qualified teacher willing to support a school in London to offer beginners’ Mandarin teaching.

The course is open for both primary and secondary teachers. It is not suitable for qualified teachers of Mandarin.

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If you are interested, please register your interest in the form below or write to us at We will be in contact with you in due course to provide further details and establish your eligibility for the training course.