Secondary Materials

The teaching materials uploaded to the linked pages below have been collated to assist teachers in the Classroom. Feel free to download the materials and print them out for your own use.

Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14)

Click below for a large number of free lesson resources – PowerPoints and activities – linked with the Jìn bù textbook series.
Jin bu 1&2 titles vertical

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Jìn bù 1 Topic Overview Jìn bù 2 Topic Overview
1 – Hi!, 嗨
2 – Family, & home, 家
3 – Hobbies, 爱好
4 – School, 学校
5 – Food & drink, 食品和饮料
1 – Holidays, 假期
2 – All about me, 我
3 – Where do you live? 你家在哪儿?
4 – Shopping, 买东西
5 – Travel in China, 在中国旅行

Edexcel GCSE Chinese is a new Key Stage 4 course providing complete preparation for the new Edexcel GCSE Chinese (Mandarin) specification. It caters for a wide ability range.

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We will continue adding to this collection over time so please return to see what’s new.


Sheautian's website has a great collection of colourful and fun PowerPoint presentations and games for Mandarin lessons.

China Mr is a large collection – a mixture for primary and secondary age learners – with some very good resources on Chinese history and culture.


More to come

We are working to bring you more secondary teaching materials so please watch this space!

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