Online Workbook from Gowell’s GoChinese

The popular Edexcel GCSE Chinese edited by Katharine Carruthers is now accompanied by an Online Workbook from Gowell’s GoChinese.

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Features of this comprehensive and innovative resource:

  • Over 1,500 multimedia-rich, online exercises that map to each unit of Edexcel GSCE Chinese, drilling and reinforcing what’s taught in the textbook
  • A wide range of exercises, including vocabulary matching, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and sentence construction exercises, that are uniquely designed to drill grammar
  • All exercises are automatically graded, with selected commentary support
  • Students and teachers can keep track of score performance and usage levels
  • Selected passages from the textbook, and all listening and reading passages from this online workbook, are available in GoChinese format, in which students can double-click and highlight selected text to hear the spoken voice and point their cursor on a word or phrase to view its English definition.  Hanyu Pinyin phonetics can be displayed for all text
  • For use in the classroom or independently at home
  • Accessible with laptops or iPad

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