Language Enhancement Course, Shanghai 2015


This two-week intensive language course was organised by the UCL IOE CI and East China Normal University (ECNU), to provide an opportunity for (non-native speaking) Mandarin teachers in the UK to spend time in China improving their language skills, with an emphasis on developing pronunciation, speaking and listening skills through topic-based materials relevant to GCSE and higher examination content. It was designed with flexibility in mind, to allow for the different needs of proficient students, and with the expectation that participants would be largely responsible for directing their own learning within the topics set.Topics covered included modern film and television, current economic, social and environmental issues and education in modern China.

“Topics well-chosen and resources thought-provoking”

“The material was interesting and relevant to what I teach”

 “Particularly pleased with the choice of topics- these were exactly the areas I felt I lacked knowledge and understanding in, and I feel the course has helped a great deal in improving my knowledge in these areas.”


It was planned to be delivered in a blend of classroom tuition, small group and lecture/workshop style presentations, with opportunities to have “real life” interaction outside the classroom, as well as with each other and the tutors in the classroom, and the general response to the first running of this course was very positive;

everyone had plenty of opportunity to practice their spoken Chinese in class which was excellent and a productive use of class time.”

“the frequent opportunities to vocally discuss the topics was great [with] freedom to choose how much you do for each topic.”

“Great variety of activities, very imaginative approach.”


In feedback, participants particularly chose three main areas that had been positively affected- personal language and confidence level, the impact on their classroom practice (and ideas to take back), and the broader impact this course would have on their school;

“The hour spent in the afternoon on vocab and grammar structure (and pronunciation)…was particularly helpful in improving my writing and speaking skills.”

“I will be able to use my increased confidence to improve my own willingness both to communicate with the Hanban assistants and with my class.”

“[I will] incorporate the content covered in the course into my own lessons in the UK. They are more current and accurate.”

“Gave me lots of ideas for French classes!”

 “[I will] use it to support our Connecting Classrooms work”


Given the overall positive feedback, we would like to continue the offer of this course for proficient (non-native speaker) teachers of Mandarin for July 2016. If you are interested in receiving further details, please visit our teacher training page.

***Please note, this course is for proficient-level teachers, however, if you feel you would also like to apply, but are unsure of your level, please contact ****