Intensive Learning in China: 2 weeks in tweets

Mandarin Excellence Programme students from across the country spent the first two weeks of July taking part in the first ever Intensive Learning in China study trip, which saw the students based in Universities across Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu.

To give a brief insight into the trip, we’ve collated some of the tweets made during the trip by those taking part.

Upon arrival in their host city, all students were taken directly to their host University, where they would spend the next two weeks alongside other schools participating in the Mandarin Excellence Programme.

Each of the host Universities prepared an Opening Ceremony to welcome the UK students, which also acted as a great opportunity to meet students from local schools in China.

On a typical day, students would study Mandarin for four hours each morning alongside students from another UK school.

The afternoon presented a great opportunity for students to put this language to practice. For some students, this included a chance to present their own weather forecast at the CCTV weather studios!

The afternoon activities also allowed students to learn more about Chinese culture, whilst putting their newly learnt vocabulary to test.

As the first week was finished, students had the opportunity to go an explore some of the “must see” sights in their city.

This included The Bund in Shanghai, The Great Wall in Beijing, and of course, the Pandas in Chengdu!

Over the course of the trip, students were able to spend time and form friendships with their Chinese peers. Student’s exchanged contact details at the end of the two weeks, and will have the opportunity to keep in touch in the future.

Whilst World Cup fever was hitting its peak back in England, students were able to watch the drama unfold live (and in Chinese!) at World Cup match screenings put on by their host University.

At the end of the two weeks, all host Universities organised a final Closing Ceremony. This time, the Mandarin Excellence Programme students showcased their skills through speeches, songs, dances, catwalks, plays and more.

Next year, Year 8 students from 37 Mandarin Excellence Programme schools will get the opportunity to take part in the 2 week Intensive Learning in China trip, which will once again run in July 2018.

For more information on the Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP), please visit our website.