Headteachers’ Visit to China

HT Visit 2013

May 2016

This is an opportunity for Headteachers** of schools in England to visit and engage with schools in China. The visit will enable Headteachers to:

  • Learn more about the Chinese education system
  • Seek and establish partnerships with schools in China
  • Introduce and develop the teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture

Applications for 2016 Headteachers’ Visit will open in January 2016. To register your interest, please email chinesenetworks@ioe.ac.uk.

Who is this for?

** Headteachers who are interested in introducing Mandarin Chinese at their school or who have China clubs, but are not yet teaching Chinese on curriculum. If the Headteacher is unable to participate, a Deputy Head, International Coordinator or Head of MFL could attend in their place. This should be the first visit to China for the applicant.

What will the visit include?

Participants will visit Beijing and one other city over seven days. Activities will include seminars on Chinese education, meeting and talking to the staff and students of Chinese school(s), workshadowing, lesson observations and some cultural visits. The visit is organised in close collaboration with Hanban (The Office of Chinese Language Council International). A detailed programme will be shared with the successful applicants prior to the visit.

How much will it cost?

Visit costs while in China are generously covered by Hanban. The UCL Institute of Education Confucius Institute (IOE CI) will purchase the international air travel, in order to ensure participants can travel and be met in China in groups. Participants will be responsible for this cost and that of their visas and travel insurance. A member of the IOE CI team will travel with the group to facilitate engagement, understanding and the potential setting up of bilateral school partnerships. The airfare and IOE CI administration fee will be in the region of £950 (based on 2014 figures; the cost of airfares can vary). We will confirm the final cost when we confirm successful applications for the visit.

Feedback from 2014 participants:

  • “An inspirational experience!”
  • “It was great to see a variety of schools – see students at work – and have opportunities to speak to students and staff.”
  • “I now have a clear vision of how we will introduce and implement teaching language and culture.”
  • “This trip has helped me clarify my ideas about how we will introduce Chinese.”
  • “This was a fantastic trip which I am proud to have accompanied! It was so interesting to see the mentality towards education and see cultural places which I would never have seen otherwise. Thank you!”

Feedback from 2013 participants:

  • “A brilliant experience, an amazing country and it has been so worthwhile in helping us shape our thinking as a school for the future.”
  • “The whole trip was superbly organised and raised awareness and enthusiasm. It was an excellent way of introducing us to something which might otherwise have been difficult for us to explore without the support of such experienced and hospitable hosts.”
  • “It gave me a real insight into the culture and direction of schools [in China] and the impact on learning methods.”
  • “It was a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed it, I will definitely return to China one day.”

Email us at chinesenetworks@ioe.ac.uk for more information!