Gaining Excellence: has the MEP achieved its goals?

Has the Mandarin Excellence Programme achieved its goal of having 5,000 pupils on track to fluency by 2020? Jody Gee, Co-Headteacher of the Anglo European School and Chair of the MEP Headteacher Meeting Group, shares her school’s experience of the Mandarin Excellence Programme in this month’s edition of The Linguist. 


In the article, Jody describes the programme as an innovative, creative and collaborative approach to language learning – hugely rewarding and great fun to deliver.  It gives students:

“a unique opportunity to experience China in a way that most children in UK comprehensive schools are not able to do”.

Beth Main, the School’s MEP Coordinator, reports:

“Students on the MEP quickly show language skills beyond what is expected of their age; they identify patterns, ask probing linguistic questions, and consistently go above and beyond in their effort and passion for learning the language and culture.”

Thank you to Jody for the glowing write up, and to all our MEP schools for making the programme such a success. With over 5,000 students enrolled on the programme as of this Academic year, we are confident we are well on our way to achieving the programme’s goals.

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