Teaching the Cambridge Pre-U Mandarin Chinese Culture Paper

Date: Tuesday 2nd December

John Short, Trinity SchoolAbout:

A one day event hosted by Trinity School, Croydon, addressing the cultural essay paper (Paper 4) of the Cambridge Pre-U examination. Experts from Trinity School will host a one day training session on the Topics in Chinese Culture section:

  • The Founding of the PRC
  • Chinese Economic Trends since 1978
  • Emerging China: Population, Environment and Migration.

The day will be designed round teaching this syllabus and how to support your students in their learning and in writing good essay answers.

Suitable for: All teachers who are interested in Chinese culture and how this can be addressed in the secondary classroom, especially teachers preparing students for the Pre-U exam.
Pre-U teachers
Mandarin specialists and non-specialists
Secondary school/college level

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Duration: One day

Location: Trinity School, Croydon


Bookings for this event have now closed.

Training materials and videos from this training will be available online in a self-enrolment website after the event. If you are not registered to attend but would like access to the online materials, please e-mail your request to us at chinesenetworks@ioe.ac.uk with the subject ‘Pre-U Moodle self-enrolment’.

All courses are heavily subsidised; the majority will be free (Annual Conference not included). Please see our Terms and Conditions. A refundable deposit may apply (approx. £40).

Participants may claim for reasonable travel costs in accordance with our Expenses Claims Policy; accommodation costs will not be covered for this event.

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