About Jìn bù

About Jìn bù

Jìn bù 11-14 Mandarin Chinese is a two-year course and has been written by a team of Chinese teachers from UCL Institute of Education Confucius Classrooms [formerly SSAT] to meet the needs of pupils taking Chinese as a second language.

  • Follows the tried-and-tested structure of other mainstream language courses so pupils and teachers alike will feel comfortable using it.
  • Packed with cultural content about the modern Chinese-speaking world to give pupils a real taste of Chinese culture.
  • Strong focus on character acquisition with activities that makes learning them easier to help build pupils’ confidence.
  • Differentiated activities to tailor lessons according to ability so every pupil has the chance to progress.

Teachers in the IOE Confucius Classroom network have kindly shared lessons materials that they have developed for use with this series.

Click here for free Jìn bù 1 lesson materials
Click here for free Jìn bù 2 lesson materials

Topic Overview

Jìn bù 1 Topic Overview Jìn bù 2 Topic Overview
1 – Hi!, 嗨
2 – Family, & home, 家
3 – Hobbies, 爱好
4 – School, 学校
5 – Food & drink, 食品和饮料
1 – Holidays, 假期
2 – All about me, 我
3 – Where do you live? 你家在哪儿?
4 – Shopping, 买东西
5 – Travel in China, 在中国旅行

Series includes:

Jìn bù 1 includes Jìn bù 2 includes
Pupil Book
Teacher’s Guide
Audio CD Pack
Workbook Pack
Pupil Book
Teacher’s Guide
Audio CD Pack
Workbook Pack

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  Jìn bù reviewed by Gina Jamieson:

  Jìn bù is the first textbook of Chinese to mirror the familiar layout of other Western textbooks with multifarious activities testing each of the four skills.  This, for me, is a major attraction of the textbook.  Moreover there is very little reliance on pinyin, indeed the first two pages contain no pinyin at all.  Students are encouraged to explore characters and become familiar with writing them from the very start of the textbook.  Chapters end with sections on investigating characters and their radicals which help students to identify the various levels of meaning in characters and the links between them.

Gina Jamieson is the current Mandarin teacher at Djanogly City Academy, one of England’s five original Confucius Classrooms.