2017 Annual Chinese Conference Perfomances


Every year at the IOE CI Annual Chinese Teaching Conference, we have a range of performances from primary and secondary school students who are learning Chinese. The IOE CI National Networks Coordinator, Xiaoming Zhu, organises the performances and we caught up with her to talk about what she has in store for us at the 2017 Conference.

  1. Hi Xiaoming. What can we expect from the Conference performances this year?

Students’ performances have always been a highlight of our conference and this year1H0C1417
will be no exception. The audiences will have an opportunity to enjoy six performances throughout two days including individual speeches as well as drama. The titles of the performances have said a lot and should give you an idea about what to be looking forward to seeing: Judge Bao Gong 包公断案, A Date with Lu Yu – Jeremy Shu-How Lin 鲁豫有约林志豪, Marco Polo  马可波罗的故事 etc. covering past and contemporary, and even both at the same time (穿越) in one show ! You are guaranteed to have fun watching and appreciate the students’ excellent language skills as well as their passion for learning Mandarin.

  1. How do you go about picking the performances for the Conference?

The performances at the conference are usually the winners of HSBC/British Council 1H0C3052Mandarin competition of the year. As someone who has witnessed the very first the competition as a teacher taking students to join the competition, through to being the judge in recent years, I have always been amazed by not only the achievement the students have made in their learning of the language but also their insightful understanding of the culture.

  1. You are also doing a Conference workshop titled ‘How to effectively use Hanban teachers’. Can you tell us what your workshop will entail?

PMP_5856Many of the schools host Hanban teachers to support the teaching and learning of Mandarin. This workshop will discuss how to manage and support the teachers to ensure they are used effectively to bring a positive impact on your students and the school community. The workshop will be jointly delivered by myself and Ms. Shi Jing, our Confucius Institute Chinese Director who directly manages the large group of Hanban teachers. We will also invite our Hanban teachers who shall share their challenges and achievement  during the time working in a UK school.

Thank-you Xiaoming!

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