MEP Tourism Project – Winning Campaigns 2021

Campaigns from every region were entered into a live final event on July 8th, 2021. The judges were Arnold Ma from the digital marketing consultancy Qumin, Harry Armer from the Chinese-speaking travel guide company Beiwei 55˚, and Dr Rui SU, Senior Lecturer in Tourism with Mandarin at Middlesex University.

First Prize: Gravesend

By Polly, Kacey, Humara, Katie and Mia from Mayfield Grammar School.

The judges were impressed at how the students used the limited time and resources available and managed to make a video with a sense of narrative. They also liked the inclusion of a real tagline and a logo, showing a sense of brand identity for the destination.

Joint Second Prize: Portsmouth

By Kizzie from Bay House School

Kizzie, 15, says:

My video was inspired by the type of people that love and live in Portsmouth. I wanted to highlight the serenity and peacefulness of the place despite it being a major, bustling city full of students and workers. Not only that, I wanted anyone who watched the advertisement to gather an emotional connection to the city and feel a sense of longingness as if they wanted to be there. The course really helped me bring those ideas to the screen through the useful lessons on Chinese slang, persuasive phrases and the live visit with the head of Qumin. There were many beneficial tasks and activities that helped me make my project and I’m really grateful for everything that I’ve learnt from it.

Joint Second Prize: Brighton

By year 10 students from Hove Park School

The judges were particularly impressed with the choice of footage for this video. They thought that it worked well to show a sense of contrast between peaceful beach scenes and “cool” skateboarders on the streets.

Third Prize: London

By Maddie Smith (Chinese name 张恒) and her group from St Mary Magdalene Academy

Judges thought the editing of this video was excellent and the Chinese language aspect was very strong. Judge Su Rui, Senior Lecturer in Tourism with Mandarin at Middlesex University, pointed out some of the advanced grammar structures and vocabulary used by these young students in their ad campaign.

Honorable mentions:

Archbishop Sentamu: Hull

UCL IOE’s MEP team says: The students did a fantastic job showing real team-work while self-isolating at home. The video is very detailed and well planned.

Alexandra Park School: Brighton

UCL IOE’s MEP team says: A different choice of style for this video, which tells an appealing story about escaping your office job and going to the beach at Brighton!

Fortismere School

UCL IOE’s MEP team says: This group must have had a good team decision-making process and they delivered a clear message through their product.

Wilmington Grammar School for Girls: London 

By Sonia and Lily

UCL IOE’s MEP team says: The girls did a really good job of editing and scripting their video. Well done and keep studying more Chinese vocabulary!

St Mary Magdalene’s Academy: London

UCL IOE’s MEP team says: Excellent effort in the planning and creation of this video essay about London!

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