MEP Teacher Training Films

The MEP Teacher Training films have been created as part of the Mandarin Excellence Programme. There are four classroom-based films which provide examples of best practice Chinese language teaching, from four different schools in England.

The classroom-based films are available to watch in their entirety, but are also available in shorter clips that have been cut according to teaching topics. An instructions document has been created by the IOE Confucius Institute to help users navigate the resource. The instructions document includes:

  • All four lesson plans used in the films
  • General instructions on how to use the films and clips
  • Specific instructions and ideas for using the films/clips for self-study
  • Specific instructions and ideas for using the films/clips from a teacher-trainer perspective
  • Teaching topics list

MEP Teacher Training Films: Instructions document.

MEP Teacher Training Clips

The MEP Teacher Training clips are cut according to the teaching topics covered in different sections of the lesson. The individual teaching topics covered can be found here: Teacher Training Topic List

MEP Teacher Training Entire Films

The four films from each of the four classrooms are available to watch in their entirety below.


The four teachers in the films are:



Melissa Carr from Dartford Grammar School
Lesson Plan




Kim Wang from Queen Mary’s Grammar School, Walsall
Lesson Plan


Jane Woo


Jane Woo from Christ’s College, Finchley
Lesson Plan




Newton Leng from St Catherine’s College, Eastbourne
Lesson Plan