Teacher Training Films: Mandarin Specifics

Target language in the classroom

Learners of Mandarin have a lot of catching-up to do when it comes to exposure to the spoken language – think how many tens of thousands of hours they have already ‘missed!’ The more Mandarin they hear in the classroom, the more natural their own language can become. But it’s such a challenge to get the balance right! These clips will give you some ideas.


Character writing

Literacy – writing Chinese characters – is an ever-challenging area for students of Mandarin. These clips show a few of the ways you might approach the teaching of characters. Above all, as you watch, try to put yourself in the student’s shoes and ask: does this help me learn? What exactly is expected of me here? Is this helping me to grasp characters independently?



These clips give you some examples of how grammar (particles and structures) can be introduced and practiced in the Mandarin classroom.


Pinyin and tones

In these clips, you will see teachers using various techniques to improve their students’ accuracy in Mandarin pronunciation, using pinyin for support.