Introducing the Conference speakers (6/6)

Over to you — Hot topics and Drinks reception

This year we’re doing something a little different for the end of the Annual Conference Day 2.

After lunch on Saturday, the Literature plenary session will be slightly longer with four keynote speakers (session 9). After this there will be a round of workshops in breakout rooms (session 10). For the last round of breakouts, it’s over to you to join in our ‘hot topics’ discussions (session 11) – more on those below.  Finally, we will all come together again for drinks and canapés (session 12) – read more below.

It’s rare to have everyone together from so many schools across the different regions. Sessions 11 and 12 celebrate this opportunity to meet colleagues and share your personal experience.

Hot topics (session 12)

Five spaces dedicated to discussion in five ‘hot topic’ areas. These are not regular workshops with a presenter at the front but professional group discussion spaces for you, the conference attendees. Raise your questions, listen to others, build your network of professional contacts and work together on key issues while you have the opportunity face-to-face in the same building.

What are your burning questions? What are the key issues this network of Mandarin teachers needs to address now? Come and meet others to have your say!

Continuing Professional Development hot topics
Philippa VallelyDiscussion space facilitated by Philippa Vallely

This is a space for teachers who are interested in developing themselves and the environment around them, but are perhaps unsure of what steps to take next, or what ways in which teacher development can happen in practical terms.

We will discuss together how to set priorities, and think about ways in which these can be achieved through various different approaches, which take into account our inner work, our work with our pupils, our colleagues, our schools and our profession.

Primary Chinese hot topics
James TrappDiscussion space facilitated by James Trapp

This is a space for all those involved in primary Mandrain at any level to explore and exchange ideas both about exisiting teaching methods and materials and about innovation and invention. It offers an opportunity to network with colleagues from across the country. James will also be offering advice on integrating language and cultural teaching by creating object investigation boxes, and through the use of museum collections both physical and online.

Initial teacher training (ITT) hot topics
Katharine CarruthersDiscussion space facilitated by Katharine Carruthers

This session is for anyone who has questions about getting Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through any of the many pathways available in England. Or, if you are unsure of the options available, whether for you or for a colleague, then just come and ask.

The session will be facilitated by Katharine Carruthers, but there will also be other teachers and colleagues there to share their experiences, whether in training to be a teacher or in mentoring student teachers. Katharine will outline how the IOE can help, but will also talk about other options available elsewhere in the country.

The situation is complex and any questions that assembled colleagues cannot collectively find an answer to will be taken away and answered after the conference.

Confucius classroom hot topics
XiaomingDiscussion space facilitated by Xiaoming Zhu & Matt Schofield

Since 2006, IOE CI has been leading the way working with schools in the UK. There are now 42 IOE CI Confucius Classrooms (IOE CC’s) in England. Xiaoming and Matt oversee the application process for schools to become IOE CC’s and support them, amongst other things, with curriculum development, meeting teacher training needs and applications for annual funding.

We are often asked, what does it mean to be a Confucius Classroom? How does my school apply to become a Confucius Classroom? What are the benefits of being a Confucius Classroom and what can we offer?

Your school may have interest in becoming a Confucius Classroom or may already be one. Matt and Xiaoming will be on hand to answer questions about becoming a Confucius Classroom and for support if you have questions about the day to day operation of a CC.

Assessment hot topics
Sara LongLily Chen (200 x 200)Discussion space facilitated by Sara Long & Lily Chen

Sara and Lily will facilitate this discussion on assessment for participants to share existing knowledge and strategies and raise important questions. Changes to controlled assessment are imminent – what could and should change in GCSE Mandarin teaching? We need to change the way we assess and teach our Key Stage 3 classes now ready for the new-style GCSE assessment. What might this look like?

We will also focus on how to improve A level students’ essay writing skills and also have an opportunity to discuss what the biggest challenges are for teachers when trying to assess their Pre-U students. Sara and Lily both have experience of teaching GCSE and separate experience of AS/A level and Pre-U.

Join Sara and Lily to bring your experience and questions to the table. Any questions that assembled colleagues cannot collectively find an answer to will be taken away and pursued after the conference.

Drinks reception (session 12)

Katharine Carruthers and the team invite you for a drink and canapés.

DrinksThis is a final chance for everyone to meet again following the different ‘hot topics’ sessions; to share what was discussed with friends and exchange ideas from across the two days. It will be a final chance to catch up properly over a drink and canapés (and to fill in those evaluation forms!) before dashing off for trains.

There will be plenty of ideas to share!



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