About the MEP Tourism Project

About the Year 10 Mandarin Excellence Programme Tourism Project


What is the Year 10 MEP Tourism Project?


This is a four-day blended learning intensive study project for Year 10 students on the Mandarin Excellence Programme. Students must work in groups to produce a marketing campaign in Mandarin to encourage Chinese tourists to visit their local area in future. Students spend 3 days in school following an online course, then 1 day at a local university taking part in activities with students from other MEP schools. You can see the winning entries from different years here, and you can browse campaigns by destination here.


This video outlines the aims of the project:


What is the learning content? What do the students have to do?


Students follow an online course which guides them through various tasks: individual, group, interactive, creative, research, reading/listening and revision tasks are all included. Language content is designed with GCSE skills and vocabulary in mind. The course has three phases, with new language and professional skills to be learned in each phase:

学生遵循在线课程的指导完成各种任务:个人的、小组的、互动的、创意的、研究型的、阅读/听力和复习任务。语言内容的设计考虑了 GCSE的 技能和词汇。课程分为三个阶段,每个阶段都需要学习新的语言和专业技能:

Phase 1: The Destination


Students learn what makes a place into a tourist destination. They consider selling points of the UK from Chinese perspectives, build on prior language knowledge about describing a place, create Mandarin slogans, and have a guest lecture from a Mandarin-speaking tourism expert.


Group product 1: campaign poster with slogan

组别产品 1:带有标语的广告海报

Phase 2: The Audience

第二阶段 :观众

Students learn some key marketing skills including how to identify and target a specific audience. They have a guest lecture from a digital marketing expert and consider how culture and advertising are linked. They practice new Mandarin slang and persuasive language.


Group product 2: day trip itinerary


Phase 3: The Campaign

第 3 阶段:广告海报

Students learn authentic language for structuring a marketing video, as well as for “telling a story” in short video form. They share their work with other schools and the finalists are peer-selected.


Group product 3: two-minute promotional video


The very best campaigns voted by each group of schools are then judged by a panel of marketing experts in a live voting session on the final day of the event.


The technical stuff: how was the course designed?


The course was built by the MEP Team in Articulate Rise, after consulting with UCL IOE’s learning technology experts. It was hosted on a Learning Management System called LearnUpon. Here are some examples of what it looks like:

该课程由中文培优项目团队在咨询了 UCL 的技术专家后用 Articulate Rise建立的。它挂靠在名为 LearnUpon 的学习管理系统上。以下是一些示例:

Remind me – where can I see the students’ work?

提醒我 – 我在哪里可以看到学生的作品?

Selected students’ work forms a learner-sourced Mandarin guide to the UK which you can browse here. Don’t forget to visit again in future to see how this guide grows!

You can see winning campaigns here.



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