Workshop at 22nd UKFCS Conference

Our Teacher Training Coordinator, Philippa Vallely, was invited to provide a workshop on Saturday 2nd April at the UKFCS 22nd Teachers Training Conference in Manchester.



The day began with a keynote speech from Bernadette Holmes, MBE, a Bye-Fellow of Downing College, Cambridge and Campaign Director of Speak to the Future, focusing on the need to enthuse learners with the possibilities langue learning provides.

After the keynote, the conference split into workshops, with Philippa providing an interactive workshop looking at the ways using technology in and out of the class room can enhance learning in a community school environment. From looking at the ways online classrooms can help provide a link throughout the week between teachers and students, to fun and engaging ways we can use technology to present and practice language, the workshop gave a comprehensive overview of ways in which teachers can begin to use technology to benefit the teaching and learning experience. The session finished with participants getting some hands-on BYOD (bring Your Own Device) experience, using their mobile devices to complete various learning activities, before sharing with the rest of the group.

A link to the Prezi used is available here. UKFCS Prezi

Don’t forget, our own conference with workshops in multiple thematic strands, is coming up on the 17th and 18th June, and is now available to book online here. We look forward to seeing you!