Teacher Training for KS2-KS3 Transition

To support continuity in language learning from KS2 to KS3 we have designed a series of teacher training to help primary schools to teach Chinese language and culture.

The following course aims to give primary teachers the skills to feel confident in introducing aspects of Chinese history and culture, as well as basic Chinese language. It presents language learning alongside a cross-curricula input approach suited to a primary school environment. This course is ideal for teachers with no Mandarin Chinese skills, in schools which:

  • Wish to introduce Chinese, either on curriculum or as an extra curricula activity
  • Are linked to a secondary school which offers Chinese
  • Already host a Chinese Language Assistant or similar

Workshops and online learning for this programme will run in the spring and summer terms, with optional courses being offered over the summer period.

Spring Term

Chinese Language & Culture Taster Session
An introduction to written and spoken Chinese and the cross-curricular opportunities Chinese offers.This will cover the basics of Chinese language teaching, basic activities for language teaching and ways of unlocking culture and language through the UCL IOE Primary Programme of Study.

Online Course on Textbook Jinbu 1
This is the textbook commonly used by beginners at KS3; topics covered include Greetings, Numbers, Family, Food and Drink etc. Learners will be supported by fortnightly online sessions with a native speaking teacher.

Summer Term

Face to Face Workshop 1
The focus of the workshop will be consolidation of language and stand alone lesson plans on “Chinese Ways of Thinking & Living” and “History & Geography”.

Face to Face Workshop 2
This will focus on consolidation of language learned and developing a school specific Scheme of Work.

Experience China (optional)
An additional 2 week course based in China. This is a heavily subsidized 2-week intensive Chinese language course in Shanghai. For more information on this course, please visit the Experience China 2018 pages.

Continued Language Study (optional)
An online course for further language study, based on the Jinbu 2 textbook.

Register your interest for 2018/2019

The training for the 2017/18 academic year is currently underway. Schools and teachers may register their interest in this training programme for the next academic year by completing the online form below.


Secondary School Collaboration

If you have primary school(s) within your feeder school network interested in delivering Mandarin at KS2, you can put them in touch with us about this teacher training programme.

Please invite your primary school contacts to register their interest in the form above.

Alternatively, you can email chinesenetworks@ucl.ac.uk with the following details; primary school name, headteacher name, name of teacher(s) who will attend training and an email contact.