IOE Hanban Teachers 2019-2020

Our Hanban Teachers for 2019-2020!

We are delighted to have 66 Hanban teachers for this academic year to support the teaching in schools within our network.

Our Hanban teachers have either worked in a Chinese school or just finished their post-graduate degrees in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Through a series of tough tests set by Hanban, these teachers were selected by Hanban in Beijing. Before they came to the UK to start their new work, they received a few weeks’ training including a one-week-long training delivered by Mrs Xiaoming Zhu (see picture below), our experienced in-house National Network Coordinator on England’s education system, classroom management and teaching styles etc.

This year, Mrs Qi Min will take up the Chinese CI Director role (see picture below). Whilst based in Kingsford Community School in East London, Qi Min continues to provide crucial support to Hanban teachers, and acts as an important conduit between the IOE CI team, Hanban headquarters, Peking University and Chinese Embassy in London.

Click here to view the list of Hanban Laoshi 2019-2020 (PDF)