Excellence Awards 2016


Award Winner 2015

The Annual Excellence Awards provide professional recognition for contributions to Chinese language teaching in schools and for enabling the study of China across the curriculum in both Primary and Secondary Schools.

The Excellence Awards will be presented on the main stage at our Annual Chinese Conference, London on 17-18 June 2016.

Who is eligible?

A great many people contribute to the study of Chinese and about China in UK schools.
We welcome nominations for everyone who deserves professional recognition. For example: Teachers (primary and secondary schools), student teachers, classroom assistants, trip organisers, mentors, tutors, heads of department, headteachers, governors, sponsors and business partners.

How it works

To nominate your colleague, simply fill in the online nomination form. Each nomination requires a supporting statement (100-300 words) to describe the individual’s contributions and impact in context.
1. Nominate your colleague – by 6th May
2. Panel reviews all nominations and selects winners – by 13th May
3. Winners are notified and invited as one day conference guests – by 20th May
4. Winners receive a certificate and prize on the main stage at the conference – 17th June 2016
Awards may be presented in absentia where necessary.
If you have any questions, please contact the UCL IOE CI team at chinesenetworks@ioe.ac.uk

Nomination form

Nomination form

Previous winners

Congratulations to all nominees from previous years, and particularly to the award winners:

Yanyan Wang (2010)
Elspeth Wiltshire (2010)
Qiumei Chen (2010)
Joan Deslandes (2010)
Alex Ferraby (2010)
Anne Martin (2010)
Annabel Parker (2010)
Keith Robinson (2010)
Jim Anderson (2011)
Carol Austin (2011)
Jennifer Buster (2011)
Charmian Hartley (2011)
Pat Howarth (2011)
Hanghang Huang (2011)
Ian Kirkham (2011)
Linying Liu (2011)
Xiuqin Liu (2011)
Feng Tang (2011)
Guixia Qiao (2011)
Lili Sun (2012)
Xiaoming Sun (2012)
Lisa Wang (2012)
Jing Xiao (2012)
Victoria Allen (2012)
Zhou Hu (2012)
Mark Bailie (2013)
Qingjiang Chen (2013)
Jacqui McIver (2013)
Michelle Tate (2013)
Cheng-han Wu (2013)
Kou You (2014)
Xing Li (2014)
Rob Neal (2014)
Ennelyn Schmidt-Roberts (2014)
Alice Webb (2014)
Xianhui Yan (2014)
Kate Howarth (2015)
Lily Chen (2015)
Simone Haughey (2015)
Yuhai Huang (2015)
Dongwei Wang (2015)

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