Hanban Teacher Articles

Hanban laoshi demoHanban teachers from China regularly write articles that are posted on the Hanban website. The articles cover topics from outreach work to cultural activities that they have been involved in, and also cover many other teaching and learning lessons and activities.

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The links below will take you to some of these articles which give a taste of Hanban teacher activity. Please note that some of the articles will take you to external websites. We hope that you enjoy reading them!

Articles in 2018-2019

UCL Academy孔子课堂参与学校开放日活动 by 王笑然

书法艺术走进英国校园 by 陈乃嘉

英国达特福德孔子课堂举办新学期中国文化俱乐部活动 by 许津彰

2019-20 学年新上任汉办教师及志愿者培训 by 王翔宇

泰时光,泰美好 by 赵仪

第五批赴英国志愿者培训在上海华东师范大学拉开帷幕 by 顾倩楠

2018-19 学年汉办老师发表文章

Articles in earlier years

嘉德中学孔子课堂举办第四届“学术奥林匹克日”活动 by 王珍珠

圣查德中学孔子课堂举办“中国日”系列文化活动 by 冉超

英国Ken Stimpson community school上演春节style by 陈娟 谢丽

罗宾汉小学孔子课堂参加中国城庆祝春节联欢活动 by 王禄

Cornwallis Academy喜迎元宵节 by 黎晴

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