Master of Teaching (MTeach)


Master of Teaching (MTeach) at the Institute of Education

The MTeach is a 180 credit Masters course with flexible mode of study (up to 5 years).

Each module of the MTeach uses face-to-face and online activities, which are designed to fit in with teachers’ busy professional lives (occasional Saturday face-to-face sessions); distance study is available. The course has a number of ‘pathways’ which use modules specifically designed to suit teachers at different stages of their career. These include: Mandarin Teacher, New Teacher and Experienced Teacher. It is possible to do the Mandarin pathways module initially and then go on to do the full MTeach. The IOE now has more modules available at a distance, so after the initial Mandarin pathways module, it is possible to complete the MTeach from overseas!

Mandarin Pathways on the MTeach

The MTeach has a ‘Mandarin pathway’. This is specifically for teachers of Mandarin in UK contexts and can be taken as a standalone module, without completing the full Masters programme. Teachers of Mandarin will start with the module ‘Understanding the Teaching and Learning of Mandarin Chinese in Schools’. Then in later stages take further MTeach modules (e.g. Leading Learning). All modules including the research project phase of the course allow you to utilise issues in Mandarin education as a central feature of your work. You will be supported by staff from the UCL-IOE-Confucius Institute throughout your studies.


Benefits of the MTeach

For New Teachers – Through the year-long Understanding Teaching module, new teachers engage in the key issues that face them, such as classroom management, assessment, progression, achievement and the evaluation of teaching. Working with colleagues in similar circumstances in other schools and colleges provides support, stimulation and practical strategies. 

3For Experienced Teachers – For experienced teachers, the Leading Learning module reflects and responds to the subject or phase leadership that many teachers will have taken or are considering.  Discussions and activities on the leading of learning are cross-phase and are facilitated by background material and choice of practical themes and issues. The focus on learning and learners gives experienced teachers the chance to develop their understanding of what supports pupil learning and progress. 

For Schools and Colleges – The course supports schools through capacity building by focusing on teachers’ practice and leadership. Participants are able to transfer credits from Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and other accredited CPD courses into the MTeach. The focus on learning is made sharper by the opportunity for teachers to learn from, and with, colleagues in other schools. 

Key Outcomes – The MTeach provides focused professional development which takes account of constantly changing policy contexts. It provides opportunities to develop participants’ subject pedagogy and research literacy. Participants develop a critical understanding of research into and scholarship of teaching and learning. The diverse range of assessment opportunities grows out of the work participants engage in as part of their everyday teaching duties and includes portfolios, reflective journals and evidence studies.


Questions and Answers about the MTeach

How much does the MTeach cost, and when do we pay for our modules?

Next year starters (2019-20) the fees for UK and EU participants are circa £1500 per 30 credit module. You only pay for the module(s) you are studying in any one year and you can pay in instalments. Module fees do go up each year. The total credits required is 180 to gain a full Masters. This can include M-level credits imported from another qualification (e.g. PGCE). For example if you had 60 valid M-level credits from a PGCE you would need to gain another 120 credits (usually 4 x 30 credit modules). 

How long does it take to complete the MTeach?

The MTeach can be studied ‘flexible/modular’ where you have up to 5 years to complete. It can also be studied ‘part-time’ over 3 years.  We advise students to take the flexible/modular mode so that they can plan their studies to fit with their personal and professional lives. Most students complete within 3 years.

As part of the MTeach can I study other MA modules from my subject, my phase or particular interest?

Yes, this is a real bonus to studying at IOE-UCL which offers a huge variety of education and education related MA modules. You need to take a minimum of 2 ‘MTeach’ modules, then you can choose modules ‘outside’ the MTeach. Your MTeach modules allow you to focus on your particular current educational interest, for example this could be subject/phase-based, pedagogic, pastoral or a combination of these.

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MTeach Case Studies

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